Art Classes for Children

In a cheerful home environment, students learn to draw and paint realistically. They also learn traditional art principles, vocabulary and methods. Art history is taught with a sensitivity to family values. The three different levels, two years each, were designed for children seven years old through high school. Students master techniques in drawing continuing on to painting with watercolor, and eventually oils. Find out more about how we got started.... history »

The Glory Art Works Program
The program begins in September and continues through May as one skill builds on the next. Each level can be completed it two years. Students may join either year in the class that fits their age levels. The whole program can be completed in four to six years. Each class is taught once a week. The classes are an hour and a half each for younger children and two hours for older students. A one hour a week class for preschoolers has recently been added.

Our Instructor
Joan Cherrington has designed the curriculum building on her many years experience teaching art and homeschooling her own children.
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Philosophy of Teaching

We feel that there are three parts to teaching art, the principles, the techniques and the creativity. Since principles and techniques are the tools that students use to bring their creative ideas to life, we emphasis these aspects of art training. Creativity is developed through affirmation and encouragement to take risks.

Home School Partnership

We are no longer signed up as providers with Washington State public home school programs, but still do cooperate with home school families. If you would like your home school student to receive public or private school credit for taking our classes, we would be glad to provide you with a syllabus or other documentation you may need.

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Classes Offered


The Beginning Art Class

is a two year program designed for children

ages 7 - 12. more »


For students who have completed two years in the beginning program but are too young for the Advanced Art Class more »


The Advanced Art Class
is a two year program designed for students
ages 11 - 18. more »

Independent Study

This class is a two year program for students who have completed two years of the Advanced class. more »

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Students with Their Artwork