Glory Art Works Curriculum

The curriculum used by Glory Art Works was developed by Joan Cherrington.

It is academic, teaching the classical foundations of art. In an encouraging atmosphere, all students learn to draw and paint realistically using the elements of line, shape, value, color, texture, form and space. Advanced students add to their skills by applying the principles of composition and color harmony to their artwork. Beginning students learn the basics of art history while creating a notebook of their own artwork in the style of famous artists.

Glory Art Works classes cover several drawing mediums, including graphite, colored pencil, and pen & ink drawing. The painting mediums covered are tempera, watercolor, oils and some acrylics.

Glory Artworks curriculum is now available for purchase

Joan has her art lessons available for sale in book format. Joan's first book in the series, titled "Color Theory for the Young Artist" is available now.

Curriculum for Sale

Color Theory
for the young artist

Color theory is taught from an academic perspective, teaching basic foundational art principles while including helpful techniques and opportunities for creativity.
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