About Joan Cherrington

Joan CherringtonJoan was born near St. Louis, Missouri in the 1950’s. She has been married to her husband, Gene, for over 40 years. Together they traveled to Portugal and Guinea-Bissau, West Africa where they worked as evangelical missionaries. They are parents to three grown children and grandparents to seven.

Building on her background in teaching, extensive art training and experience as a homeschool parent, Joan founded Glory Art Works in 1995 »

Continuing to work as an artist and art instructor while developing art curriculum prepared Joan to write Color Theory for the Young Artist, which was published in 2009.

Awards and Memberships
Blue ribbon in the Clark County Fair (Professional Artists Division) 1993
First place in the NOPG Art Show at Washington State University 2009
Exhibiting member of the Northwest Oil Painter’s Guild, since 2009

Joan's Artist Statement

As a very young child I was in awe of the beauty of the world around me. Moments from my childhood are still etched in my mind. I remember the sunset colors reflecting off of the fur of my white cat. I remember my nana in her wide, blue hat with the big red flower that matched the color of her lipstick. I remember the tall boy getting off the school bus and striding down the path into the woods through the dappled spots of light. From my earliest memories I had a deep desire to record these moments in art.

When I was in the third grade my grandfather saw a picture I had drawn and said, “This girl is an artist.”, and from that day on I viewed myself as an artist. In college, during the 70’s, we threw paint at canvases and painted gaudy still lives on crumpled news paper. All the while, the desire to learn how to draw and paint realistically never left me. I kept reading books and seeking out teachers until I finally had the tools to create the kind of pictures I had in my head.

Finally, learning the principles and techniques of the masters I realized I could have produced realistic artwork when I was a child if someone had only taught me how. This realization drives my passion for continuing to teach art to children. Over the years I’ve seen many children pass through my studio and continue on to become art teachers and professional artists. For every young artists I have the privilege of teaching my goal is to help them succeed at drawing and painting through applying timeless principles.

I keep learning new things and pushing myself to grow as and artist striving to better capture those moments of awe and wonder.