Beginning Art Classes

Introduction to Beginning Art Classes
The Glory Art Works Beginning Art Class is a two year program designed for children ages 7 - 12. The class starts in September and continues through May with a month off for the holidays. New students may begin in either school year with lessons repeating after the second year.
Because so many art forms are based on drawing skills, each year starts off with an emphasis on contour drawing, progressing to shading with pencils then moving into colored pencil and ink techniques. Along the way students are introduced to principles of perspective and the use of contrast, texture and balance. After the holiday break, painting is added to the foundation built on sound drawing skills.

The first year introduces color theory with each student producing a notebook of fun paintings in tempera illustrating all the things they have learned about mixing and using colors. Then they will apply their drawing and painting skill to objects as they paint rocks to look like realistic animals with acrylic paint.

In the second year students learn to master the use of watercolors, painting pictures they will be proud to frame and display at home.

Art History
Art history is taught with a sensitivity to family values and will follow watercolor painting in the second year. Students will compile a notebook of information about the major periods of art history with their own illustrations after the style of artists of each period. The art history section will conclude with field trip to the art museum touring the museum in order of the timeline they have studied.

Sculpting with Polymer Clay
The classes in the month of May are spent creating three dimensional art using polymer clay.

Art Show (*Temporarily cancelled)
The annual Glory Art Works student art show is a one evening event that takes place during the first week in June. Students are honored for all they have accomplished during the year with awards, prizes and the acclaim of family and friends.

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Classes Offered


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Independent Study

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Beginning Class Artwork