Independent Studies Classes

Introduction to Independent Studies Classes

The Glory Art Works Independent Studies Art Class is a two year program for students ages who have completed two years of the Advanced class. The class starts in September and continues through May with a month off for the holidays.


The curriculum developed for the Independent Studies class includes exercises in creativity and opportunities for students to express their own ideas.


Students apply the principles and element of art to improve the expression of their own creative ideas.

Choice of Medium

The students in this class are free to use any medium they choose. This gives them the opportunity to develop their skills in the handling of the ones they prefer.

Art Show (*Temporarily cancelled)

The annual Glory Art Works student art show is a one evening event that takes place during the first week in June. Students are honored for all they have accomplished during the year with awards, prizes and the acclaim of family and friends.

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Classes Offered


The Beginning Art Class

is a two year program designed for children

ages 7 - 12. more »


For students who have completed two years in the beginning program but are too young for the Advanced Art Class more »


The Advanced Art Class
is a two year program designed for students
ages 11 - 18. more »

Independent Study

Independent Study Artwork